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Valet Boating

The ultimate convenience!!

Join us at Oselka Marina for the most convenient, hassle-free boating of all – our Valet Boating In & Out Program.  What could be simpler than calling for your boat and having it ready and waiting in the water for you when you arrive!  With Valet Boating, your boat is stored inside, protected from the elements when not in use, and launched upon your request.  Enjoy a wonderful day on the lake and let us take care of the rest!

More time for fun!

No more need to wait in line to launch and retrieve your boat!

Eliminate the hassle of removing and attaching your cavnas!

With Valet Boating, we do everything for you so have more time to have fun with friends and family on Lake Michigan!

Keep your vessel clean and protected

Another benefit of the Valet program is that your boat is stored inside one of our buildings when you’re not using it, providing protection against the elements and also minimizing time the boat sits in the water so the hull stays cleaner.